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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kids claim the first turtles of the season!

We might not have any turtles nesting yet, but that hasn't stopped the rush to adopt nests and hatchlings in our hatchery in Santa Maria.

The hatchery is there to increase the chance of survival of nests that are in danger, those dangers include light pollution (hatchlings will go towards the bright light, not the sea), predation by dogs, destruction by quad bikes driving on the beach or being laid too close to the sea.

Building the hatchery always creates a lot of interest, but British holiday maker, Harrison was particularly keen to be the first to adopt a turtle.  Neal told him to come down to the beach at 10am the next day but Simon, Harrison's dad said that he was up extra early and down on the beach by 9am, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Rangers and running to meet the car as they drove up!  Harrison is now the proud parent of the first turtle to be born in the hatchery in 2012 and he chose to call that turtle "Andrew".

Harrison with his certificate of adoption and proud Dad, Simon
Not long behind Harrison, the first nest was adopted via email by Abigail & Yasmin Kumar.  The Kumar family visited Sal in 2010 and saw the work being done by SOS Tartarugas.  Dad Ben, says "I'm a keen environmentalist and I want to bring up my kids in the same way."  This will be the third year that the Kumars have supported our project.  The girls are obviously big turtle fans and are pictured here in Mexico where they had the chance to swim with green turtles.

Yasmin & Abigail pictured in Mexico

Nest Number Two was adopted by another British holiday maker, Rhiann.  Rhiann was delighted to be able to go into the hatchery and visit her nest while her proud parents took some photos.

Congratulations to all you environmentalists of the future and thanks for helping us to look after the turtles in Cabo Verde!

To adopt a hatchling or nest on the internet just click on this link or send an email to


  1. Hi I adopted nest number 8,how many eggs have I got? Glad you are all there doing what you do,looking after those wonderful turtles :)

  2. Hello Dawn, the photo & information about your nest was sent on the 12th July, we are re-sending it now, but please email us if you don't get it. You have 108 eggs! Thanks for your support, it is very much appreciated.