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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Algae covered turtles rescued from irrigation tank in Santiago

Not many people could have imagined that in a few short years the movement to protect Cabo Verde's precious marine turtles would have grown so rapidly.

It is fantastic to see more and more people spreading the word and when groups rise spontaneously from the community - even better.

This new group "Caretta - Grupo de Protecção das Tartarugas em Santa Cruz" will be conducting patrols to protect the turtles when they are nesting as well as educational activities.  Santa Cruz is a small town on the west coast of Santiago island - the island where, unfortunately, the most turtle meat is eaten.

They have already featured on national television releasing a green turtle that had been kept in an irrigation tank.

The group who rescued the turtles (Fredy on far left)
The television footage features our very own Alecson 'Fredy' Cardoso who completed his training on Sal with SOS Tartarugas in 2011.  You are making us proud Fredy!

You can see more photos here Outru Resgate di um Tartaruga Verde.  What great work - the water is filthy and the poor turtle is covered in algae.

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