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Friday, December 11, 2009

In situs with Peter & Linda

Went off up to Serra Negra and Mont Leao with Peter & Linda and Linda's mum and dad, Betty & John yesterday (and Neal of course!)

We had one nest to find in Serra Negra which we did. It was a trans-situ (moved by us from one part of the beach to another) and unfortunately, another example of poor hatching success of trans-situ nests. At the moment we don't understand the reason for this, but we have plenty of theories. Unfortunately the majority of the eggs in this nest did not develop at all and only around 20% of the eggs hatched and went to the sea. We hope to do a study next year to help to understand possible reasons for this problem which occurs on all of our beaches.

Better news in Mont Leao at least, where we had 5 nests to find and we found them all. Three nests did very well but the last two had roots growing through the eggs, very strange to see turtle eggs all covered in hairy roots! One of the nests had three hatchlings still inside so we were able to rescue them and we found one unlucky hatchling who had emerged from the nest only to get stuck in a small bush nearby. His luck changed that day and if we hadn't come along he would probably have dehydrated and died by today.

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