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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destined for the cooking pot ......

We love happy endings and we especially love stories that end with turtles going back in the sea instead of in the cooking pot!

By a happy coincidence a resident of Santiago heard on the radio an item about the Taola Nha Terra campaign and shortly met a neighbour who had acquired a turtle and didn't know what to do with it.

We contacted the Nha Terra campaign coordinator in Santiago, Peace Corps Volunteer, Jon Berg, who, on finding no one in authority was available, jumped in a car and headed north to see what was going on.
The first in her family to take a ride in a car
It turned out that a resident of Achada de Punta, purchased the juvenile green turtle from a fisherman for 1000$ CVE (€10/£6) in order to set him free.  The turtle almost certainly was going to be dinner at some point had she not done this.  Having obtained the turtle she didn't know what the best thing to do for the turtle's welfare was.

Happily Jon was able to release it on the beach in Pedra Badejo.

Heading back to the sea at Pedra Badejo
Even better, the lovely lady is also keen to start a sea turtle conservation group in her town!   Stories like these really show that the tide is turning in favour of conserving turtles, even in small rural communities.

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  1. So happy that I was able to help :) What an inspiring experience!